We create cosmetics that will make everyone feel special. We believe that their quality will always turn into beauty, joy and smile. We want to share this joy every day. As a holding company we have been working on the cosmetics market for over a dozen years. During this time, we have developed thousands of new formulations and delivered millions of cosmetic products sold in 62 countries around the world.

Elfa Pharm sp. z o.o. –a natural partner of your brand

We are a Polish cosmetic company belonging to the international Elfa group operating in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. We are located in a clean ecological zone in the heart of Poland. For the purposes of cosmetics production, we have adapted the infrastructure previously used for pharmaceutical production. Apart from the production of cosmetics under our own brands, we also deal with private label production.

Our cosmetics combine the latest trends in cosmetology and traditional herbal medicine. As a private label manufacturer, we offer a wide range of face, body and hair care products under specialized brands and product lines. We export our products to most countries of Western and Central-Eastern Europe, as well as to the United States, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Gulf countries.

Contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing

Contract manufacturing in the cosmetics industry is a popular form of introducing products to the market, which allows to expand the portfolio with new categories without investing in machinery and specialists. Due to our own rich experience and support from our R&D department, we can offer various possibilities of cooperation in the field of private label production. We provide a full range of services from ODM to OEM. We are able to perform a complete process from the concept stage and preparation of the recipe to the logistics of the finished product or selectively carry out each of the stages of the process as a separate service.


The best raw material – our water

There is no significant industry within a radius of twenty kilometres of our factory. We have our own deep wells, and additionally we have a unique water purification system. All this makes us one of the few production plants in Poland to boast water of such high quality that it can be successfully used even in pharmacy.


We have a fully automated air quality monitoring station in the production facilities that is adapted to work with cosmetics. A system of locks and zones ensures that it is free from contamination. Optimal temperature and humidity are constantly maintained during the production of cosmetics.

Production capacity

We have mixers with capacities from 50 to 1500 kg and automated lines for filling, sealing, labelling and packaging.

Own R&D department

Our R&D laboratory is located in the most technologically advanced Bionanopark in Łódź.